[NTG-context] \hangaround in xml mkiv

R. Ermers r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Wed Jan 19 19:23:44 CET 2011

Dear All,

I am processing a docbook xml file, which works great (thanks to Wolfgang's introduction to TEI). 

I have some images and I want the text before and after them to wrap around. This can be achieved through the command \starthangaround .. \stoparound.

Since the text that is to wrap around must be put between commands, I cannot attach the image to the figure/graphic tags that are within that text. The figure tag does not allow the para tag to be inserted, nor do other approprate media tags.

Instead I attached them to the attribute 'role' of the para tag:

<para role="dolce1">abcdef abcef</para>

In the environment file I specified this:


The hangaround environment is put in the accompanying startxmlsetups:

\startxmlsetups xml:chapter:para:role

I also added an \xmlflush, assuming that the text itself is processed there.

In a rough sense this works. There is a white angle in the text for the image. However, the image itself slides away.

I am not sure what is going wrong. Has anybody got a clue?





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