[NTG-context] Translating PDF-files

R. Ermers r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Wed Jan 19 14:12:43 CET 2011

If your acquaintance actually needs an accurate translation into Russian, I wonder why he would choose Google Translate for that. Remember that Russian has 7 cases, and a complex verbal system with many different forms, all of which need to be deduced by Google from the much poorer English prepositions and the verbal foms in the text. Even though the result will no doubt show cyrillic words, which looks interesting, the factual result will be rubbish, and most likely unintelligible to any Russian.



Op 19 jan 2011, om 13:58 heeft Cecil Westerhof het volgende geschreven:

> Properly not really a ConTeXt question, but maybe nows the answer.
> Someone asked me how to convert a PDF to XML and back. The reasons is that he has a PDF in English, but he likes to have it also in Russian. His idea is to convert the PDF file to XML, translate the XML file with GoogleTranslate and convert the translated XML file to PDF. He asked me how to do this. Of-course it does not have to be a XML file, if GoogleTranslate can work with a TEX file, there is no reason not to do it.
> Does anyone know how to do this, or has pointers about how to do this?
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> Cecil Westerhof
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