[NTG-context] How to run Typesetting in MetaPost example (MetaFun)?

Verhaag, G.C.H.M. verhaaggchm at ziggo.nl
Tue Jan 18 14:48:50 CET 2011


I wanted to try (using ConTeXt minimals MkIV) the example on page 228 of 
the MetaFun manual, dealing with typesetting in MetaPost.

The code is given as:

 picture pic[] ;
 numeric wid[], len[], pos[], n ;
 wid[0] := len[0] := pos[0] := n := 0 ;

   n := n + 1 ; len[n] := \the\wd\MPbox ;
   pic[n] := textext("\bfd\setstrut\strut#1") ;
   pic[n] := pic[n] shifted - llcorner pic[n] ;

\handletokens MetaPost is Fun!\with\whatever

But is won't run. The following message is generated:

\@@toks ->\MPtoks

\dodoappendtoks ->\dodoglobal \@@toks
                                      \@EAEAEA {\@EA \the \@EA \@@toks 
\the ...
\whatever #1->\appendtoks #1\to \MPtoks
                                        \setbox \MPbox =\hbox {\bfd \the 
\dodohandletokenstwo *#1->\dododohandletokens {#1}
<argument> M
            etaPost is Fun!
\handletokens ...ndletokens {#2}\dohandletokens #1
l.96 \handletokens MetaPost is Fun!\with\whatever

Anybody any idea?

Gerard Verhaag

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