[NTG-context] searchable PDF with MinionPro under mkiv

Oliver Heins olli at sopos.org
Mon Jan 17 00:30:18 CET 2011

How can I generate a searchable PDF with mkiv, using a non standard font
like MinionPro?

\definefontfeature [default] [default] [mode=node,script=latn,onum=yes]

fi ff ffi ffl 1234567890

Using pdftotext, I get this:

fi ff ffi ffl 

However, using Adobe Reader this things won't be found.  It should read:

fi ff ffi ffl 1234567890

Using latex, one would use \input glyphtounicode.tex \pdfgentounicode=1,
but this doesn't seem to work with context.  Context used pdfr-def, but
this seems to be mkii-only.


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