[NTG-context] ConTeXt does not execute MetaPost (in debian experimental)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jan 14 23:19:25 CET 2011

On 14-1-2011 9:57, Jonas Stein wrote:

> Its so sad to read this but no other reply on this thread till now.
> As far i have looked into the .deb packages the bug should be in the
> current stable versions too.
> The ideas behind context are so nice and could save us from so
> much latex-pain. If there are no context-packages, that work
> out of the box it will be a project for developers.
> Developers are known to code and not to write documentation...

It's not that bad (unless I missed something) ... first of all we have 
the minimals and they work out of the box. And the minimals are just a 
subset of texlive. As soon as a different tree setup is used one has to 
adapt the TEXMF variable in the configuration file (ok, i assume that we 
could add some commonly used paths there that are not in the minimals). 
This is something that can differ per distributions.

The reasons for dropping txmf.cnf in mkiv in favour of texmfcnf.lua have 
been discussed before and is just another step towards more flexibility 
(for instance we have more private configuration options than possible 
in the old situation).

Of course the whole minimals can be made a package which makes sense if 
a user only uses context and does not want the rest of tex. If I 
remember right someone did that already.

So there is no need to worry as eventually things will sort themselves 
out. I have no clue what bug you mean, but if you can nail it down ... 
(my dev machine is windows 7 and our linux servers have the minimals)


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