[NTG-context] Problem typing file with diacritics by \typefile

Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o. LPr at pontex.cz
Thu Jan 13 12:29:22 CET 2011


sorry, my silly fault.

The main problem was to use \setuptyping instead of \definetyping.

When I was trying to create an as-small-as-possible example, I forgot to insert \enableregime[1250] to the header, so I encountered additional error messages.

Sorry again for wasting your (and all readers') time.


On Thu, 13 Jan 2011 12:18:12 +0100, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Am 13.01.2011 um 12:11 schrieb Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o.:
>> OSave your file in utf-8 encoding, my editor shows me your t.txt is currently encoded as “ISO 8859-7”.
>> ... Yes, that's a possibility. But as I can remember, this was fixed and there was no requirement for the file to be UTF-8 encoded (see http://www.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2010/053222.html).
>> The file I want to typeset is generated by another program, which uses diacritics (single bytes), CP1250.
> And how should ConTeXt know that your file is in another encoding, in the example you referred there was \enableregime[cp1250] at the begin of the document but not in the document you now sent.
> Wolfgang

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