[NTG-context] Hairline in header

Li Yanrui (李延瑞) liyanrui.m2 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 12:49:33 CET 2011

2011/1/11 Florian Wobbe <Florian.Wobbe at awi.de>:
>>> how can I move the thinrule further up in this example? I'd like to use \thinrule but still want the position like this:
>>> \setupheader[text][after=\hrule]
>> Hi Florian,
>> Maybe this can help you.
>> \setuplayout[header=1cm,headerdistance=1cm]
>> \setupheader[text][after=\vskip-0.8em\thinrule]
>> \starttext
>> \dorecurse{12}{\input knuth\par}
>> \stoptext
> Thanks, that works. I wonder if you can configure this with \setupthinrules.
> \setupthinrules[before=\vskip-0.8em] does no work.

Hm, if you use:
\setupthinrules[n=1, before=\vskip-0.8em]

it can work.

However ConTeXt advises to use \blank instead of \vskip, for example:

\setupthinrules[n=1, before={\blank[-0.8em]}]

Best regards,

Li Yanrui (李延瑞)

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