[NTG-context] Math delimiters too big in lucida in MKII

Yue Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 00:20:22 CET 2011

Hi, Hans:

I dont know why you do this in math-lbr.mkii:

\def\LBRbig  {\@@dobig{8.20}}
\def\LBRBig  {\@@dobig{10.80}}
\def\LBRbigg {\@@dobig{13.42}}
\def\LBRBigg {\@@dobig{16.03}}

% \def\LBRbig  {\@@dobig{0.820}}
% \def\LBRBig  {\@@dobig{1.080}}
% \def\LBRbigg {\@@dobig{1.342}}
% \def\LBRBigg {\@@dobig{1.603}}
% \def\LBRbiggg{\@@dobig{1.772}}
% \def\LBRBiggg{\@@dobig{2.125}}

I think the second set of parameters( the commented one) is correct.
or \big,\bigg, etc will produce huge delimiters...

Yue Wang

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