[NTG-context] Gnuplot module: Patching of Gnuplot binary still needed?

jeroen.muskee at hotmail.com jeroen.muskee at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 9 22:50:19 CET 2011

In the past I was using this instruction set to install GnuPlot in Windows Context Mkiv minimals but it does not work anymore. Is there a bug in t-gnuplot version 2009-07-21?

Create folder c:\context\gnuplot
Download from http://dl.contextgarden.net/modules/gnuplot-win.zip the gnuplot file gnuplot-win.zip and unzip in folder c:\context so you have folders c:\context\gnuplot\bin and c:\context\gnuplot\term
Create a batch file c:\context\gnuplot\bin\gnuplot.bat with content "c:\context\gnuplot\bin\wgnuplot.exe" %*
SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\context\gnuplot\bin ENTER
Test GNUPLOT by entering gnuplot in the CLI console and give in gnuplot the command plot sin(x) ENTER
Create folder c:\context\tex\texmf\tex\context\third\gnuplot
Download http://theory.uwinnipeg.ca/scripts/CTAN/macros/context/contrib/context-gnuplot.zip or http://dl.contextgarden.net/modules/t-gnuplot-2009.07.21.zip module and unzip and put in folder c:\context\tex\texmf\tex\context\third\gnuplot and c:\context\text\texmf\metapost\base\ so you have c:\context\tex\texmf\tex\context\third\gnuplot\t-gnuplot.tex and c:\context\text\texmf\metapost\base\mp-gnuplot.mp
Start>run>cmd>c: ENTER cd \context\tex\texmf-mswin\bin ENTER context – -generate ENTER
(For MkII users use the following command mktexlsr)
Enter the following data to test GNUPLOT


set xlabel “time”
set ylabel “value”
plot sin(x)

text before picture
text after picture

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