[NTG-context] howto start with presentations?

Jonas Stein news at jonasstein.de
Sun Jan 9 04:50:29 CET 2011

> You can extract the files inside $TEXMFLOCAL (usually set to 
> /usr/local/share/texmf, but see the output of

Thank you again. I tried it now:

$ kpsewhich --expand-var=\$TEXMFLOCAL

i extracted the zip file there as root and called 
# mktexlsr
as root. 
Then i checked as user if the file can be found:

$ kpsewhich t-simpleslides.tex

then i run my makefile with 
$ make view

that calls
texexec --utfbom --pdf context-schnelleinstieg.tex

system          : module empty not found
system          : module simpleslides not found

there are two things i do not understand:
1) why are the modules still not found?
2) why is no errorcode raised but a pdf is created on a 
major problem like missing module? 

kind regards,

Jonas Stein <news at jonasstein.de>

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