[NTG-context] still struggling with footnotes

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jan 7 19:26:21 CET 2011

On 6-1-2011 4:58, Achim Jander wrote:

> I changed
> pages[number] = range
> to
> local order = v.references.order
> pages[order] = range
> and accordingly

depends on the situation i guess

one you have it working ok you can wikify this trickery (the lua 
interface is unlikely to change much)

> which seems to work, but it would be nice if you could confirm my
> suggestion that these two values are equal.

make a bigger test case and you will see differences

> The other question:
> As far as I can understand, structures.lists.collected seems to be
> filled before any typesetting is done yet???
> Could you give me some enlightment about that or is it simply the
> ConTeXt magic?

often there is somelist.tobesaved and somelist.collected and the second 
one is loaded pretty early and reflects the previous run

so, in a first run that list is empty; also, when you insert a footnote, 
you will need an extra run but that happens automatically

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