[NTG-context] bug with reference ?

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Thu Jan 6 17:15:08 CET 2011


when the lowest section is defined with "sectionstarter=("
then the entire reference gets "(" instead of only the actual section:

The example below gives ...
 (1. (1) 1. (1)

...but the right way would be
1. (1) 1. (1)

Did I make a mistake or is there a bug?



\definestructureseparatorset  [default][,,{. (},{) },{. (}][ ]

\setupstructurehead[section]         [sectionstarter=,sectionstopper=.,sectionsegments=3:3]
\setupstructurehead[subsection]      [sectionstarter=(,sectionstopper=),sectionsegments=4:4]
\setupstructurehead[subsubsection]   [sectionstarter=,sectionstopper=.,sectionsegments=5:5]

\section {One}




See in "Three" \in[sectest] and in "Four" \in[subsectest] as well.


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