[NTG-context] still struggling with footnotes

Achim Jander achim at jander.de
Mon Jan 3 16:51:31 CET 2011

Hi all,
I am still trying to get the footnote numbers aligned in a special way: 
flushright, but the width depends on the width of the max 
footnote-number on page,
so to get

After reading the manuals and the source given in strc-not.lua thats how 
far i am at the moment:


\setupnote[footnote][numbercommand=, way=bypage]

     local n = structures.notes.getn("#1",n)
     local current = structures.notes.get("#1",n)
     local cr = current.references
     local result = cr.realpage

-- calculate the width of cr.number and store in maxwidth
-- loop through the notes until act.realpage <> cr.realpage
-- and for each note calculate the width, compare with maxwidh and store 
the max
-- then set the width to the correct maxwidth

-- context.setupnotedefinition({"footnote"}, {width=maxwidth})




\dorecurse {100} {
test  \footnote{test }

Now I can not figure out how to get the "real" footnote-number of the 
note (is there any way?) And does this approach make sense at all?
Any hints welcome, i tear my hair for hours now


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