[NTG-context] export and pagebreak

Achim Jander achim at jander.de
Mon Jan 3 16:11:02 CET 2011

Am 03.01.2011 15:43, schrieb Hans Hagen:
> On 3-1-2011 12:54, Achim Jander wrote:
>> - would it possible to switch both (spaces and pagebreak) to on? It
>> seems that in the Moment only one of them can be enabled.
> does not make much sense as </S0> equals </pagebreak> anyway (the 
> default is a space)
Hi Hans,
maybe i got something wrong, but in the given example I have now
filter, lump,<pagebreak/>skip,
My intent is, to convert the XML eg to  EPUB and use the <pagebreak /> 
to give the desired Metadata.
So it would be more convenient to have
filter, lump, <pagebreak/>skip,
but that could be also done in the postprocessing.

>> - would it be possible to include the pagenumber as attribute?
> maybe, keep in mind that we cannot really structure by page as 
> elements can span page boundaries
of course, its only a nice-to have, it could get calculated in the 

> maybe some attributes gets lost in the hz machinery ... needs checking
> (in most cases doing a special export run makes sense, in which case 
> some functionality can be turned off)
yes, i see. In my case it is of interest to have the same breaking in 
that run, so i wonder if disabling the hz feature
doesn't change the line-breaking ?


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