[NTG-context] export and pagebreak

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jan 3 15:43:33 CET 2011

On 3-1-2011 12:54, Achim Jander wrote:

> - would it possible to switch both (spaces and pagebreak) to on? It
> seems that in the Moment only one of them can be enabled.

does not make much sense as </S0> equals </pagebreak> anyway (the 
default is a space)

> - would it be possible to include the pagenumber as attribute?

maybe, keep in mind that we cannot really structure by page as elements 
can span page boundaries

> During my tests i found a strange behaviour of the export-function (not
> related to pagebreak-export).
> With certain combinations of \setupalign[hz,hanging] and body-font-size
> most of the text gets eaten:

maybe some attributes gets lost in the hz machinery ... needs checking

(in most cases doing a special export run makes sense, in which case 
some functionality can be turned off)


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