[NTG-context] beta: graphictext (mkiv)

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Mon Jan 3 10:24:43 CET 2011


Using the following code


graphictext "FOO";

results in

! Undefined control sequence.
\douseMPlibrary ...stprefix #1}\makeshortfilename
\next1 #1,->\douseMPlibrary {#1}
\doprocesscommalist ...item \gobbleoneargument #1,
                                                  ]\relax \global
\advance \...
l.1 \useMPlibrary[txt]


This used to work (latest pdf is from 30.11.2010), but the macro
\makeshortfilename is no longer defined in the latest beta
(meta-ini.mkiv, line 853).
Anyhow, I used an older backup of my tex tree to get around this.


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