[NTG-context] updating in texlive

Thomas Schmitz tschmit1 at uni-bonn.de
Sun Jan 2 22:15:15 CET 2011

Hi all,

a Happy New Year to all of you! Here's a small question: 
from time to time, as a mental exercise (and because I 
like a backup), I try to bring my texlive installation up 
to date. I have copied these relevant files over from my 
minimal tree:
- luatex binary
- mtxrun
- texmfcnf.lua (with modifications, of course)

then unzipped the latest ConTeXt. Everything works - but I 
get no hyphenation. For a simple test file like:





I see in the log file

mkiv lua stats : loaded patterns - en::2

but no hyphenation is given. in a run with the minimals, I 

mkiv lua stats : loaded patterns - en::2
mkiv lua stats : language load time - 0.155 seconds , 
nofpatterns: 1

(the last line is not present in the log from texlive). I 
don't see anything wrong in cont-en.log, so I wonder how I 
can find out why the patterns are not applied?

All best


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