[NTG-context] beta

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Nov 12 18:44:22 CET 2010


I uploaded a new beta (so the minimals will have it in about an hour):

- some cleanup at the lua end as side effect of documenting lua 
interfacing as part of writing the cld manual

- a couple of bug fixed in the lua code that crept in during some 

- removal of some old lua code (not needed any more or replaced by 
better code)

- a couple of patches (or extensions) to macros (due to reports on the 
list); for instance, the HideLayer and VideLayer reference actions were 
never implemented; also, some animation code has been added (for WS)

- definitions like \definedfont[file:lbr.pfb] are ok now (remapped onto 
afm, a few line harmless extension)

- a replacement of the existing marking mechanism (as used for running 
headers and footers): less interference with typesetting as mark nodes 
are no longer part of the game; more robust synchronization of chained 
marks (sectioning); more robust handling of marking in columns and 
columnsets; experimental marking in arbitrary constructs (thomas might 
like that one); not all is tested but we have:

the usual marking: first, last, previous, current; these are strict in 
the sense that they take sectioning into account

some new, less strict marking: firstpage, lastpage, previouspage; these 
ignore sectioning related resets

some experimental methods: next, nextpage; these concern parts of 
paragraphs that end up on the next page, so limited lookahead (in there 
is interest we can make that full lookahead i.e. future marks)

the usual column related marking:


even more expermental:


     \marking[boxmark]{tufte} \input tufte \par
     \marking[boxmark]{ward}  \input ward  \par

   \synchronizemarking[zerobox][0] \box0


anyhow, it might be that something is broken, but at least this 
implementation has more potential

- the properties mechanism is obsolete and replaced by three mechanism 
that used them (originally properties dealt with specific engine/backend 
functionality); the most important ones are




where we have predefined (as with former properties):

\defineeffect [inner]   [alternative=inner,rulethickness=.25pt]
\defineeffect [outer]   [alternative=outer,rulethickness=.25pt]
\defineeffect [both]    [alternative=both, rulethickness=.25pt]
\defineeffect [normal]  [alternative=normal]
\defineeffect [hidden]  [alternative=hidden]
\defineeffect [stretch] [alternative=stretch,stretch=1]

the properties commands are still there but map onto these so older code 
should work ok (but somewhat less efficient)


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