[NTG-context] typescripts

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Nov 10 19:57:09 CET 2010

I played with typescripts and have a problem.

I can use the beramono font in this way:

\definefont [Bera] [fvmr8a at 9.5pt]

\input knuth

but how would I insert it into a typescript of libertine,
where the mono font should used from bera?
This did not work:

    \definetypeface[libertine][ss][sans] [libertine][default]
    \definetypeface[libertine][tt][mono] [file:fvmr8a.pfb]
    \definetypeface[libertine][mm][math] [modern]   [default]


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