[NTG-context] Animations (again, but different)

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 4 22:49:38 CET 2010

Am 03.11.2010 um 17:38 schrieb Erik Margraf:

> Dear Contexters!
> In the last few days I could read a few posts about 
> "animations" in a resulting PDF document. Some
> statements mentioned java script as possible means
> to create an animation. 
> Is it possible to do the following (which is rather 
> simple using html and javascript)?
>   -- Have a bunch of thumbnail pictures 
>   -- When you click on a thumbnail you see a 
>      larger version of the same picture 
>   -- With the next mouseclick the picture 
>      vanishes (you see the gallery of thumbnails again)
> if yes, how? 
> Any hints are welcome.

Not perfect (it’s not possible to close the big pictures) but it should give you a first impression:


\defineproperty [1] [layer] [state=stop,global=yes]
\defineproperty [2] [layer] [state=stop,global=yes]
\defineproperty [3] [layer] [state=stop,global=yes]
\defineproperty [4] [layer] [state=stop,global=yes]

\starttexdefinition properties



    \bTD \goto{\overlayfigure{cow}}[VideLayer{1}] \eTD
    \bTD \goto{\overlayfigure{mill}}[VideLayer{2}] \eTD
    \bTD \goto{\overlayfigure{hacker}}[VideLayer{3}] \eTD
    \bTD \goto{\overlayfigure{cow}}[VideLayer{4}] \eTD



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