[NTG-context] Difference between \skip and \unskip

Matija Šuklje matija at suklje.name
Wed Nov 3 10:38:41 CET 2010

Dne sreda 3. novembra 2010 ob 10:32:25 je Hans Hagen napisal(a):
> \skip <skip specification> : insert (flexible) glue
> \unskip                    : remove previous glue
> it's not so much different from \dress and \undress: you add something
> and \un* removes it

…soooo, it's kind of like \start* \stop* embracing the content that should be 
skipped or not?


Some \entries I would, (\like) always and\skip, the \clever\unskip\skip (\bit) 


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