[NTG-context] ConText, TikZ and definecolor: undefined control sequence

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Oct 28 13:46:25 CEST 2010

On 28-10-2010 9:54, Cedric Mauclair wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 22:08, Michael Murphy<michael.murphy at uni-ulm.de>  wrote:
>> On 27/10/2010 19:18, Marius wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I had the same problem, so I desided to define colors by hand.
>>> \definecolor [lightgray] [h=D3D3D3]
>>> \usemodule[tikz]
>>> \unprotect
>>> \pgfutil at definecolor{black}{gray}{0}
>>> \pgfutil at definecolor{gray}{gray}{0.5}
>>> \pgfutil at definecolor{lightgray}{gray}{0.9}
>>> \pgfutil at definecolor{white}{gray}{1}
>>> \protect
>> Yes, this is what I've resorted to. But it would be nice to define things
>> properly.
>>> If you want to fix script, you need to change line:
>>> local cv = colors.value(attributes)
> The table "colors" is expected to have a function named "value" that
> take the "attributes" parameter as its sole parameter itself. It then
> assigns the result to the local variable cv. After some research,
> adding  "local colors = global.attributes.colors" below the line
> "local prtcatcodes = tex.prtcatcodes" works. There is a catch however,
> you can't use opacity on these colors. I suppose we have to generate
> all the transparency level by using spot colors or something like
> that.

There are several solutions to the problem.



thirddata     = thirddata     or { }
thirddata.pgf = thirddata.pgf or { }

local texsprint, prtcatcodes, format = tex.sprint, tex.prtcatcodes, 

local function unsupported_color(name)
     texsprint(prtcatcodes,format("\\PackageError{pgf}{color %s has 
unsupported model}{}", name))
     texsprint(prtcatcodes,format("\\pgfutil at definecolor{%s}{gray}{0}", 

local colors = attributes.colors

function thirddata.pgf.registercolor(name,attribute) -- solution 1
     local cv = colors.value(attribute)
     if cv then
         local model = colors.forcedmodel(cv[1])
         if model > 3 then
             model = 3 -- no cmyk or spot or multitone
         if model == 2 then
texsprint(prtcatcodes,format("\\pgfutil at definecolor{%s}{gray}{%1.3f}", 
name, cv[2]))
         elseif model == 3 then
texsprint(prtcatcodes,format("\\pgfutil at definecolor{%s}{rgb}{%1.3f,%1.3f,%1.3f}", 
name, cv[3], cv[4], cv[5]))

function lpdf.pdfcolor(attribute)



% solution 1 (also fallback when cmyk is used):

% \def\PDFcolor#1%
%   {\ctxlua{thirddata.pgf.pdfcolor(\thecolorattribute{#1})}}

% solution 2 (faster as less parsing at the tex end):

% \def\pgfutil at registercolor#1%
%   {\ctxlua{thirddata.pgf.registercolor("#1",\thecolorattribute{#1})}}

% solution 3 (backward compatible):




         \fill[mycolora] (0,0) circle (2);
         \fill[mycolorb] (0,0) circle (1);

I'll define \pdfcolor for this purpose as that's what tikz expects.

> However, I still need to
> add"\let\appendtoPDFdocumentcolorspaces\gobbleoneargument"
> "\let\appendtoPDFdocumentextgstates\gobbleoneargument" and
> "\let\PDFcolor\gobbleoneargument" before loading the TikZ module in
> order for my documents to build without errors. These macros used to
> be defined in mkii (spec-fdf.mkii) and TikZ relies on them
> (tex/generic/pgf/utilities/pgfutil-context.def) but not anymore in
> mkiv since the color support has changed between mkii and mkiv. I
> suppose they had to do with the color support for PDF files, but
> letting them gobble their argument still seems to work. On what side
> should this problem be looked into: ConTeXt or TikZ?

In pgfutil-context.def there should be no such commands called when mkiv 
is used. Isn't there a

\doifmodeelse {mkiv} { ...

section? anyhow, in that section one can add

\ifdefined\PDFcolor \else

   \ctxlua{function lpdf.pdfcolor(attribute) 
context(lpdf.color(1,attribute)) end}



(in the next beta this is not needed as \PDFcolor is defined then)


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