[NTG-context] ConText, TikZ and definecolor: undefined control sequence

Cedric Mauclair cedric.mauclair at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 09:54:32 CEST 2010

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 22:08, Michael Murphy <michael.murphy at uni-ulm.de> wrote:
> On 27/10/2010 19:18, Marius wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I had the same problem, so I desided to define colors by hand.
>> \definecolor [lightgray] [h=D3D3D3]
>> \usemodule[tikz]
>> \unprotect
>> \pgfutil at definecolor{black}{gray}{0}
>> \pgfutil at definecolor{gray}{gray}{0.5}
>> \pgfutil at definecolor{lightgray}{gray}{0.9}
>> \pgfutil at definecolor{white}{gray}{1}
>> \protect
> Yes, this is what I've resorted to. But it would be nice to define things
> properly.
>> If you want to fix script, you need to change line:
>> local cv = colors.value(attributes)
The table "colors" is expected to have a function named "value" that
take the "attributes" parameter as its sole parameter itself. It then
assigns the result to the local variable cv. After some research,
adding  "local colors = global.attributes.colors" below the line
"local prtcatcodes = tex.prtcatcodes" works. There is a catch however,
you can't use opacity on these colors. I suppose we have to generate
all the transparency level by using spot colors or something like

However, I still need to
"\let\appendtoPDFdocumentextgstates\gobbleoneargument" and
"\let\PDFcolor\gobbleoneargument" before loading the TikZ module in
order for my documents to build without errors. These macros used to
be defined in mkii (spec-fdf.mkii) and TikZ relies on them
(tex/generic/pgf/utilities/pgfutil-context.def) but not anymore in
mkiv since the color support has changed between mkii and mkiv. I
suppose they had to do with the color support for PDF files, but
letting them gobble their argument still seems to work. On what side
should this problem be looked into: ConTeXt or TikZ?


-- Cédric

>> into
>> local cv = attributes.colors.values
>> Just guess, untested.
> Nope, doesn't work. Using
> local colors = colors or { }
> gets me a little further, but then complains that 'value' is a nil value. I
> don't know enough Lua to fix this either. Strangely, it seems to work on
> some older MkIV versions of ConTeXt...
> Michael.
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