[NTG-context] break after index

Jano Kula jano.kula at tiscali.cz
Tue Oct 26 18:03:48 CEST 2010

Hi Steffen,

On 10/26/2010 03:01 PM, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:

> I am working on a book right now where the author set 4906 index marks ... sometimes right-in-the-middle of a word, but most often behind (and before dot or comma).

and what about to clean up the file with regular expression similar to this:

sed -e 's/\b\(\w*\)\\index{\([^}]*\)}/\\index{\2}\1/g' old.tex > new.tex

I would guess, that index entries in the middle of the world break 
kerning and hyphenation.


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