[NTG-context] hyphenated url

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Mon Oct 25 12:06:21 CEST 2010

Am 25.10.2010 um 11:16 schrieb Philipp Gesang:

> text\footnote{test \hyphenatedurl{www.test\letterpercent it.com} test.} text.
> Regards, Philipp
> PS: As I understand, the percent sign appears mostly in
> url-encoded strings. Couldn’t you just convert that to unicode
> and let the browser do the re-encoding when the url is accessed?

I am not sure what you mean ... when I enter the code as above pressing the link in Acrobat gives:


So using \hyphenatedurl doesn't make sense anymore ... or did I miss the crucial part?!


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