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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Oct 7 10:50:15 CEST 2010

On 5-10-2010 5:17, Alan BRASLAU wrote:
> Wishlist: add interaction to \seeindex
> Explaination:
> \seeindex{index_entry}{see_entry}
> can be used to add entry to an index
> that refers one to another entry.
> Example: \seeindex{DNA}{deoxyribonucleic acid}
> With \setupinteraction [state=start]
> one gets active hyperlinks on the page numbers
> of the index entries.
> It would be nice if \seeindex entries to
> the index would create an interaction hyperlink
> to the corresponding real index entry.
> This is pretty straight-forward, but probably
> non-trivial to implement, as there is no guarantee
> that the second entry of \seeindex indeed exists.
> Of course, \seeindex could create this entry,
> but it may not have an associated page number
> or page numbers if \index{deoxyribonucleic acid}
> was never called.

I can have a look at it ... as all data lives at the lua end it's easy 
to identify the tobeseen word but it would take some extra housekeeping 
to keep track of where that word ends up in the index (so that word 
actually becomes a reference) ... it's rather easy to implement, but 
less easy not to mess up the code to the level that 10 years from now no 
one understands why it's there

(I should also port the linked index entries in interactive documents: a 
linked list of hyperlinks that steps you through the 20 pages that 
discuss deoxyribonucleic acid.)

> Even more sophisticated, but the bookkeeping on this
> might get a bit complicated, \index{DNA} could
> create an index entry under {deoxyribonucleic acid}
> as \seeindex instructs to "hijack" this label.
> (currently, it will put "see DNA" followed by a page number.)
> Alan
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