[NTG-context] footnotes when using RtL (Arabic)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Oct 5 23:19:44 CEST 2010

On 5-10-2010 3:28, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> >
>> >  Two quick questions regarding footnotes and Arabic:
>> >
>> >  1. How do I get a footnote rule/marker to go from right-to-left (i.e. to begin at the right margin instead of the left margin)?
>> >
>> >  2. I would like some of my footnote streams to run RtL for Arabic, and also for those footnotes to be in paragraph form (i.e. \setupnote[afootnote][paragraph=yes] ). But when I add this command, my footnote instead runs LtR, the letters get cut up (i.e. the Arabic script is not connected), and I lose my footnote marker to add insult to injury. How should I define a footnote stream to run RtL in paragraph form?




test \footnote{\input ward }
test \afootnote{\input ward }
\input tufte

test \footnote{\input ward \par}
test \afootnote{\input ward \par }
\input tufte


I have no clue what you want/need/.

Keep in mind that paragraph footnotes are quite tricky (at least 
currently, maybe I can cook up a more robust solution using lua).


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