[NTG-context] Modules, namespaces, Luacode etc..

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 30 20:53:01 CEST 2010

Am 30.09.2010 um 20:40 schrieb Jaroslav Hajtmar:

> Hello my wise masters of the Force and teachers of Jedi...
> It seems that my first module (SCANCSV of scancsv.lua library of CTM in Brejlov) work without any visible errors (without
> documentation and with a junkyard yet), but I'm not sure whether is there a
> hidden problem or future collisions. Therefore I have a few of questions for
> modules namespaces, luacode namespaces etc. I want to ask how relates a namespace ConTeXt module with
> namespace of Lua code, which is listed within this module and others questions.
> 1. Is the namespace of Lua code independent of the namespace module?


> 2. If are ConTeXt macros defined in the module, are automatically in its namespace?

No, the namespace in a module is only for keys and key-value-lists. When you write a command with the same name as a core command the core definition is overwritten and lost.

> 3. Can both namespaces (module and Luacode) somehow connected?

You can try to use the same namespace in TeX and Lua but thats up to you.

> 4. What happens when I have two macros with the same name in two different modules?

The last definition is the current meaning of the command, e.g. in this example the command \befehl has the content “Befehl” because it’s the last defintion.

\def\befehl{command} % \befehl has not the content “command”

\def\befehl{Befehl} % \befehl has now the content “Befehl” and the content of the first definition is lost

> 5. Can I call the macros of the same names in different namespaces (diferent modules)?

When you call them inside of a environment it’s possible.

\def\stopenvone {\egroup}

\def\stopenvtwo {\egroup}

\startenvone \befehl \stopenvone % \befehl == “command”
\startenvtwo \befehl \stopenvtwo % \befehl == “befehl”

> 6. Can I read about somewhere more?

- The programming pages on the wiki.
- A book about plain TeX {e.g. The TeXbook, TeX by Topic, TeX for the Impatient etc.)

> 7. I enclose below a minimal example of the module (I do not know why there are some things) to comment or write yours comments and suggestions, etc.

Give me some time to write a detailed description of the \definenamespace command.


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