[NTG-context] new beta

Jano Kula jano.kula at tiscali.cz
Sat Sep 25 15:34:10 CEST 2010

Hello Hans,

thank you for implementing multilingual indexing.

Is there a way to turn off case sensitivity? I would expect the result 
as written in the minimal example below. This is not wanted in every 
case (should be a switch).

The "Oo oo Öo öo" part is probably tricky then, so I've sorted it as 
usual with xindy plus my custom module and I've got

oá öb Oč Öď Oo oo Öo öo Öq öř Oš oů

so the "Oo, oo, Öo, öo" part could probably depend on available methods 
(before, after, last, first). In practice, one hardly gets same 
lettering with the different accents.

Thank you,


% tricky-003.tex:




wanted result:


oá öb Oč Öď Oo Öo oo öo Öq öř Oš oů

\subject{before : Oo Öo oo öo}
\placeregister[index][language=en,method=before] \par
\subject{after  : oo öo Oo Öo}
\placeregister[index][language=en,method=after]  \par
\subject{first  : Oo oo Öo öo}
\placeregister[index][language=en,method=last]   \par
\subject{last   : oo Oo öo Öo}
\placeregister[index][language=en,method=first]  \par

\dorecurse {3} {
    \page \recurselevel:
        \index{oá}  \index{öb}  \index{Oč}  \index{Öď}
        \index{oo}  \index{öo}  \index{Oo}  \index{Öo}
        \index{Öq}  \index{öř}  \index{Oš}  \index{oů}


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