[NTG-context] export

Jelle Huisman jelle at jhnet.nl
Thu Sep 23 17:41:59 CEST 2010

On 23/09/10 11:12, Hans Hagen wrote:

>>> As xhtml is just xml converted to other tags, I suppose that at some
>>> day there will be additional converters. I would only come up with one
>>> in the perspective of a project as I have no need for it.
>> There cannot be a universal one-to-one mapping between context generate
>> xml and xhtml. For example, in a book, I may want \chapter to map to
>> <h1> while in an article, I may want \section to map to <h1>.
>> Nonetheless, having a specialized xml to xhtml converter should not be
>> too difficult (using the verbose XSLT transformations). Targetting html5
>> is another option.
> indeed

Sounds like it's time to learn some xslt ;-)


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