[NTG-context] \startnarrower and TABLEs

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Thu Sep 23 10:48:18 CEST 2010

Hello Wolfgang,

> Use the “textwidth” key but keep in mind with the linecorrection you can
> use split tables, for tables which use indent from \startnarrower and
> split across pages you can use tabulate.

I am afraid I don't get the full meaning of your answer. When I use tabulate, I have exactly the same problem as I have with TABLEs:


\input tufte

\NC format	\NC meaning	\NC\NR
\NC c		\NC centered	\NC\NR
\NC l		\NC left aligned	\NC\NR
\NC r		\NC right aligned	\NC\NR
\NC w(1cm)	\NC one line, fixed width	\NC\NR
\NC p(2cm)	\NC paragraph, lines broken to fixed width	\NC\NR
\NC cg(.)	\NC align on a character        \NC\NR


(and I couldn't find a key from setuptabulate that changes the width of the table)


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