[NTG-context] Questions regarding the bibliography

Marco netuse at lavabit.com
Thu Sep 23 01:18:07 CEST 2010


I've a bunch of questions regarding the bibliography. I didn't find much
useful information somewhere, neither in the wiki, the manual or in
bibmod-doc.pdf. If my questions are answered elsewhere feel free to point me
to the right direction.

1) Why are there redundant keys in the publication list:
\startpublication [
  a=Ramez Elmasri, % BTW: How to input many authors in this place?
  y=1981,          % not taken into account
\author {Ramez}[R.]{}{Elmasri} % Is it OK to leave out the first bracket?
\pubyear {2007}
\biburl {http://foo.bar.com}

I checked that the »y=1981« is not taken into account, in fact I can remove it
without problems, if I remove \pubyear it doesn't work. What's »y=...« for?
Same goes for \author vs. a=... Why two locations for the author and url...?

2) What about not valid entries? \biburl for example is not a valid BibTeX
entry type, it's neither required, nor optional. Can I provide it without
running into problems? Providing for example \country leads to problems with
the year. But \biburl is not used in the style, \country is.

3) During testing I forgot to say \usemodule[bib] and it worked well. Is this
line not needed any more?

4) How to specify the \edition entry? Use the attached file for testing. If I
specify \edition {5} I get »5 edition« using the setup
\setuppublications[alternative=num]. That's wrong, either 5th edition or
edition 5. When I use \setuppublications[alternative=ams] I get 5th ed. That's
correct. For this reason I cannot enter \edition {5th}. The correct input
should be independent from the style used.

5) How to specify online sources? BibTeX has no proper data type for this. But
BibLaTeX has the type »online« with the special field urldate (for the access
date). Maybe there's a corresponding functionality in ConTeXt.

Thanks in advance.

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