[NTG-context] formula: listing and subnumbering

Peter Schorsch tralalas at freenet.de
Fri Sep 10 21:38:36 CEST 2010

> Hans Hagen wrote:
> i'll have a look at it

Did you found anything?

I tried to figure out which command in the examples of the wiki work/dont 
work (I used mkiv stable). So far:

\formulanumber -> works in mkii and mkiv
\subformulanumber -> works only in mkii
\placenamedsubformula -> works only in mkii
\placesubformula & \NR[+] -> mkii & mkiv, but (1.name) as number
\placeformula & \NR[+] -> works in mkii and mkiv, but (1.name) as number

I have a real problem to transform my formula from mkii to mkiv. In mkii I 
had following:

\startalign[n=3, align={right,middle,left}]
\NC PM \xrightarrow{aaa} \NC R_{PM} \NC \xrightarrow{bbb} PM 
\NC R_{PM} \NC = \NC \{ K, F \} \NR[gleichung1b][.2]

Can anyone help me to transform this to mkiv, please?


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