[NTG-context] Prevent Ligatures

Andreas Harder andreas.harder at rz-online.de
Fri Sep 10 13:01:45 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I've two questions.
1. Is f|*|f still the right way to prevent a ligature? 
2. \setff{noligs}  don't seem to have effect, while the defined font is working. What is wrong?

\definefontfeature[noligs] [default][liga=no]


  ff fi fl fh fk \crlf
  {\setff{noligs} ff fi fl fh fk } \crlf
  {\test ff fi fl fh fk } \crlf
  f|*|f f|*|i f|*|l f|*|h f|*|k 

Best regards


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