[NTG-context] Room for comment on the backside of form

Cecil Westerhof cldwesterhof at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 17:03:34 CEST 2010

Op dinsdag 7 sep 2010 15:35 CEST schreef Wolfgang Schuster:

>> I am still trying to make a useful environment for paper feedback
>> forms. One thing I am trying to do now, is to but lines on the back
>> for when someone needs more space to give the feedback. For this I
>> made the following macro:
>> \def\PageWithComment[#1]{
>> \page
>> #1
>> \crlf\crlf
>> \thinrules[n=35,inbetween=\vskip1.5ex]
>> \page
>> }
>> There are several needed optimisations.
>> For starters the number of lines is hard coded. Is there a way to
>> calculate them?
> \def\PageWithComment[#1]%
> {\page
> #1
> \blank[2*line]
> \getnoflines{\dimexpr\pagegoal-\pagetotal-3\lineheight\relax}
> \thinrules[n=\noflines]
> \page}

I tried something like that, but that generated 32 pages. Had properly
to do with the inbetween.

I changed it to:

For the inbetween by thinrules I use 1.4em, but to get the same space
I need to use here 2.3em. Do not know why.

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