[NTG-context] breaking a line

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Mon Sep 6 21:47:01 CEST 2010

Am 2010-09-06 um 18:24 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:

>> Original text
>> "Abb. 1. Männchen von Megarhyssa rixator, einer charakteristischen  
>> Schlupf-
>> wespe von im Holz lebenden Pflanzenwespen. R. Burri. Während der "
>> The word "Schlupf" cannot be hyphenated any further and therefore  
>> "Schlupfwespe" should be put on the next line. However, the above  
>> line above becomes raggedright with standard commands, e.g. \crlf.  
>> So, how can I force the word "Schlupfwespe" to the next line so  
>> that the the entire paragraph remains justified? The command should  
>> be the equivalent to LaTeX's \linebreak command.
> \setupcations[align=stretch] % align={stretch,verytolerant}

should read \setupcaptions

for a single case you could try \hbox{Schlupfwespe}

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