[NTG-context] questions regarding `\date`

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 31 10:29:39 CEST 2010

Dear ConTeXt folks,

Am Samstag, den 28.08.2010, 16:02 +0200 schrieb Paul Menzel:

> I have four questions regarding `\date`. I looked at the page in the
> Wiki [1], in the ConTeXt user manual on page 159 [2][3] and tried some
> things, but could not figure it out.
> I am using Debian Sid/unstable and I am a total beginner regarding
> ConTeXt.
> 0. I guess the first question is, if `\date` is supposed to be used
> inside a text anyway or just when for example setting the title page.
> 1. No space is inserted after using `\date[…]`.
> 	text \date[d=29,m=8,y=2099] text
> result:	text 29. August 2099text
> Is that intentional? A slash after the command fixes it.
> 	text \date[d=29,m=8,y=2099]\ text

this question was answered by Wolfgang and he gave a solution.

> 2. I do not want that one digit months have the zero displayed. But
> using `m` acts as using `month`.
> 	\date[d=29,m=8,y=2099][d,.\,,m]
> result: 29. August
> 3. Spacing between numbers. Using LaTeX there were some suggestions to
> typeset a date using small spaces like `29.\,8.\,2010`. I guess this
> depends on the fonts used and personal taste? If there is a rule, maybe
> that could be added to the typesetting chapter in the user manual.

Could you answer or give your opinions an 0., 2. and 3. please? That
would be great.


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