[NTG-context] table row span question

Martin Althoff martin.althoff at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 06:42:08 CEST 2010

I am having trouble working out a solution for spanning some rows of tables. The instructions at http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Table got me so far as the example shows. 

The example is a timetable excerpt. So I want horizontal lines everywhere, except on Mo, Di, Mi (Monday Tuesday Wednesday) where there are double periods. Adding any more \DLs or \VLs results in not being able to translate the file or other errors. Currently the horizontal lines are not where they should be (now on Mo, Mi, Fr) but kind of evenly spread. 

Lastly: How do I control row height? 





\starttable[|r w(1cm) |p(\TagBreite) c|p(\TagBreite) c|p(\TagBreite) c|p(\TagBreite) c|p(\TagBreite) c|] 
\VL Std \VL Montag \VL Dienstag \VL Mittwoch \VL Donnerstag \VL Freitag \VL\FR
%%%%%%%%% Row Span
\VL 1. 	\VL \LOW{mo} 	\VL \LOW{di} 	\VL \LOW{mi} 	\VL do leer \VL fr leer \VL\MR
\DC 	\DL				\DL		 		\DL							\DR
\VL 2. 	\VL  	\VL  	\VL 	\VL do leer \VL fr leer \VL\MR
\VL 3. 	\VL  class	\VL  class	\VL class	\VL do class \VL fr class \VL\MR


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