[NTG-context] Typeface - simple example

Peter Schorsch tralalas at freenet.de
Thu Aug 19 15:20:40 CEST 2010


I reactivated my interest in Context. A lot changed since 
then... so I am became a beginner again. E.g. I don't know / understand how 
to use that Typescript-Framework. I tried to build a simple example, but I 
do not get it to work. 

I crosschecked successfully with simplefonts that the fonts itself are
working (via \simplefont[..]).

In this example I wanted to put the Nimbus Sans fonts on the rm-Definitions 
(just to see that it is working).

I like what I was reading in the wiki, examples, posts and manuels about the 
Typescript-framework - but can anyone help me to understand it really / help 
me to get this simple example to work?


------ simple example environment ---

Nimbus fonts are stored under /usr/share/fonts

OSFONTDIR is correct, fonts via mtxrun imported

mtxrun --script fonts --list --all pattern=nimbuss*
shows all the nimbus fonts I used in the example

------ simple example ----------



\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-Regular]        [nimbussanlregu]
\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-Bold]           [nimbussanlbold]
\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-Italic]         [nimbussanlreguital]
\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-Slanted]        [nimbussanlreguital]
\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-BoldItalic]     [nimbussanlboldital]
\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-BoldSlanted]    [nimbussanlboldital]
\definefontsynonym [Nimbus-Sans-Caps]           [nimbussanlregu]

\starttypescript [Nimbus]
    \definetypeface	[Nimbus-whatIsThisFor]	[rm]	[whatIsThis]	
    \definetypeface	[Nimbus-whatIsThisFor]	[rm]	[whatIsThis]	
[Nimbus-Sans-Bold]	%here: how to access / define rm,bf?
    \definetypeface	[Nimbus-whatIsThisFor]	[tt]	[whatIsThis]	
    \definetypeface	[Nimbus-whatIsThisFor]	[ss]	[whatIsThis]	




{\it Italic}

{\bf Bold}

{\bi Bold-Italic}



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