[NTG-context] Trouble with customising section heads

Elias Oltmanns eo at nebensachen.de
Tue Aug 17 11:53:10 CEST 2010

Elias Oltmanns <eo at nebensachen.de> wrote:
> For the record:
> Elias Oltmanns <eo at nebensachen.de> wrote:
>> In the attempt to customise my section headings by means of
>> \setuphead[section][...command=]
>> I followed the instructions at
>> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Figures_in_Headings#Figures_in_Headings
>> .
> [...]
>> As it turns out, neither MkII nor MkIV processes the attached example
>> as expected:
>> MkII The table of contents is incomplete, even though the wiki says
>>      it shouldn't be;
> The solution seems to be to use deeptextcommand instead of textcommand.
>> MkIV \currentheadnumber seems to be 0 all the time.
> Apart from Wolfgang's solution, I have now realised that MkIV allows to
> use command instead of textcommand / numbercommand and still produces a
> complete table of contents. Accordingly, the setups look like this:
> \setuphead[section][command=\Myhead]
> \def\Myhead#1#2{%
>     Sect #1}

Well, actually, when I really need just a number as in
I'm still in trouble as far as MkIV is concerned. Can I somehow extract
that number from the argument? Or can MkIV be changed to provide
\currentheadnumber as does MkII? Personally, I'm content with using MkII
right now. So, I'm asking out of curiosity here and for the purpose of
updating the wiki page referenced above.



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