[NTG-context] Bugs in current beta (streams)

Salil Sayed salilsay at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 13:59:07 CEST 2010


and how does one do this in mkiv now?


\def\StopCouple {\SwitchToNormal \SynchronizeLeftAndRight \FlushLeftAndRight} 
\def\Original {\SwitchToNormal\SynchronizeLeftAndRight\SwitchToLeft} 

Are you sleeping, brother John?

Bruder Jakob, schläfst du noch?

i get the same error of course.



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Subject: Re: [NTG-context] Bugs in current beta

On 10-8-2010 5:36, Andreas Harder wrote:
> Hi all,
> for me (OS X 10.6.4)
> mtxrun –script server –auto
> do not work. If I click on a font name I get:
> MTXrun | request from:
> MTXrun | requested action: 
> MTXrun | performing action: 
> MTXrun | requested file 
> MTXrun | handling error 404: Not Found
> Another thing is the streams-module. Here is an example:
> \usemodule[streams]
> \definestreamlayer[test][method=overlay]
> \setupbackgrounds[page][background=test]
> \starttext  \showframe
> \startstreamlayer[test]
>    \startcolumns
>      \input knuth
>    \stopcolumns
> \stopstreamlayer
> \setlayer[test][x=5cm,y=10cm]{\placestreamlayer[test]}
> \stoptext
> And here the error:
> ! Undefined control sequence.
> l.19 \defineoutputstream[\v!left]

This is not really a bug. Streams in mkii are an experiment and will not be 
developed further (is a module after all). In mkiv there will be a different 
mechanism. There is some experimental code ... copied from the source:


\setuplayout[grid=yes] \showgrid


\input tufte


Wat doen we hier?


Are you sleeping, brother John?\footnote{xxx}

\dorecurse{4}{x \footnote{note \recurselevel}\input tufte \par 


Bruder Jakob, schläfst du noch?\footnote{yyy}

\dorecurse{4}{x \footnote{note \recurselevel}\input ward \par \pushoutputstream}



Vader Jacob, slaap je nog?\footnote{zzz}

\input tufte


\page \flushoutputstream[en] \input knuth
\page \flushoutputstream[de] \input knuth
\page \flushoutputstream[nl] \input knuth



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