[NTG-context] Interaction and TOC/content problmes

Martin Althoff martin.althoff at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 03:34:20 CEST 2010

I am having a couple of small problems with the interaction. In principle it's working, but...

1. The TOC is added to the bookmarks, which is fine, but with a lower-case "c", ie. "content"

2. From http://wiki.contextgarden.net/PDF_Bookmarks_and_Headers I figured out how to get rid of the \crlf in the header. Actually, I'd be happy to just pass the word "Introduction" to the bookmarks and leave out the rest. Any way of doing that?

3. Strangely enough, placing \bookmark{Intro} after the \title {Introduction -- \crlf Welcome} replaces the "content" entry and points to the content, but putting a \bookmark after \completecontent leads to no output at all.

Thanks for any pointers !





\definecombinedlist [content][title,chapter]

%strip the \crlf
\appendtoks \let\crlf\space \to \simplifiedcommands


\input tufte


\title {Introduction -- \crlf Welcome}

\dorecurse{5}{\input tufte\par}

\chapter{Some Stuff}
\dorecurse{5}{\input tufte\par}

\chapter{An Addition}
\dorecurse{5}{\input tufte\par}



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