[NTG-context] abbreviations as macros (Aditya Mahajan) (Aditya Mahajan)

Armin Varmaz arvo_77 at web.de
Mon Aug 9 18:08:24 CEST 2010

>(which will scale the math font, but not change it to Kurier-Bold).

>Or you can define a typescript for kurier-bold (see type-otf for 
>examples), and then use

Hi Aditya,

your first solution works very well. You saved my day, thanks a lot! I think Hans tried to explain it to me but I didn't get him.

I have read the documentation about typescripts but I did not understand it well. Let's say I have the following simple example:

 \definefontsynonym[Test]         [file:FuturaStd]    [features=default]   

how can I use it in 'usetypescript' now to change the font type? 

I tried 

\usetypescript[test] and \usetypescript[sans][test] 

followed by


but it didn't work (to be specific, the font size is ok, but the font type did not change)

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