[NTG-context] Placing footnotes in right margin en bloc at bottom of page

Elias Oltmanns eo at nebensachen.de
Mon Aug 9 12:28:49 CEST 2010

Sorry for bringing this up again but ...

Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com> wrote:
>  Am 29.07.10 15:33, schrieb Elias Oltmanns:
>> Wolfgang Schuster<schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com>  wrote:
>> [...]
>>> This is easy:
>>> \setupnote[footnote][location=text]
>>> \setuptexttexts[margin][][{\framed[frame=off,offset=none,align=low,height=\textheight,width=broad]{\placenotes[footnote]}}]
>>> %\showframe
>>> \starttext
>>> text\footnote{one} text\footnote{two} text\footnote{\input tufte\par} text
>>> \stoptext
>> Thanks for the snippet. Unfortunately, the footnotes don't seem to make
>> it onto the page though. Would this be due to using ConTeXt MKII by any
>> chance?
> You need a different setup for the footnote in Mark 2:
> \setupnote[footnote][width=\rightmarginwidth]

I've only just realised that TeX seems to reserve space for the
footnotes at the bottom of the main text area. Check the following



text\footnote{one} text\footnote{two} text\footnote{And here we have
  yet another footnote spanning more than one line.} %
{\dorecurse{4}{\input tufte\par}}

I've tried the same with \setupfootnotes and \placefootnotes to no

Any hint will be appreciated,


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