[NTG-context] hack needed (MkIV)

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Fri Aug 6 14:22:25 CEST 2010

Am 06.08.2010 um 14:02 schrieb Hans Hagen:

> On 6-8-2010 1:56, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:
>> sorry, but this is not what is needed (see attached pdf, please)
>> this tight interlinespace is not possible in MkIV when grid mode is on?
> well, you want things on a grid ... if you don't want that don't use grid mode or snap a box on the grid and disable gridmode inside the box

I just made a test: even without grid mode the "\lineskiplimit-\maxdimen" doesn't work in MkIV as expected.
Please run the example below: it will not show 10pt interlinespace.




\input tufte \par


(ConTeXt  ver: 2010.08.04 13:11 MKIV)

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