[NTG-context] font catalogue (re)

R. Bastian rbastian at free.fr
Thu Aug 5 12:47:09 CEST 2010


it is not a list of available fonts i need, but a catalogue where one can see the typefaces.

In the Minimal directory there are 91 tfm files, 309 pfb files and 2043 thm files.

Chap 31 'Fonts and font switches' of ".. an excursion" or 
Sect 5.1.1 in '...the 'Manual' gives no example hwo to go from a tfm fil (say "tcxr.tfm")
to a usable font.

A possible test file of typefaces could be (for my use "specimen.tex"):

azertyu ...
äëÿuüïö ...
âêûîô ...
ÄËŸÜ ...

and the font file for making a PDF: 
 how to go from TFM to 'normal'
\input specimen

I hope this can help beginners.
René Bastian

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