[NTG-context] MTXrun | error, no format found with name: cont-en, aborting

Paul Dostert dosterpf at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 01:58:15 CEST 2010

I'm a moderate context user (finished  a 100 page math text recently)
and haven't had too many problems except for downloading an occasional
beta which has an issue or two. My book compiles just fine on my
office computer, but I installed context and get compilation errors on
my home laptop (a windows 7 box). I've been able to work through all
other problems with context up to this point, sometimes waiting a day
or two until someone uploaded a fix in the new beta, but for some
reason I've gotten stuck on this one.

I installed context via:

- Download of context-setup-mswin.zip	
- unzip to c:\context
- run of first-setup.bat (with no args, and same happens with --context=current)
- After running, I go to the tex/ directory and run the setuptex.bat
- Go back to c:\context and run a test file with just

using "context test.tex"

- I get the error "MTXrun | error, no format found with name: cont-en, aborting"

I also tried using TeXworks, using compilation using texmfstart.exe
and texexec.  That compiled the original test.tex, but refuses to
compile any .tex code with metapost.

What, in most cases, does the "MTXrun | error, no format found with
name: cont-en, aborting" error indicate? I know that odds are I missed
something stupid, but just can't figure it out this time.

Thank you for your help and your time.


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