[NTG-context] Footnotes into a single paragraph (mkiv)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jul 31 00:28:46 CEST 2010

On 30-7-2010 5:04, Markus Finke wrote:
> Can anybody help me? I don’t want to fall back on LaTeX because I would
> miss a lot of features for fonts and I prefer the smoother usability
> writing in ConTEXt.
> Is there any hope for this (not to rare) design in footnotes?

I uploaded an alpha release. You need to take the alpha zip from the 
website and unpack it in texmf-context.

This is just a test.

% \enabletrackers[structure.notes]

\setupdescriptions[footnote][paragraph=no,location=serried,distance=.5em] % 


     local 1a\footnote{local note 1a}
     local 1b\footnote{local note 1b}

global 1a\footnote{global note 1a}
global 1b\footnote{global note 1b}

     local 2a\footnote{local note 2a}
     local 2b\footnote{local note 2b}

global 2a\footnote{global note 2a}
global 2b\footnote{global note 2b}

     local 3a\footnote{local note 3a}
     local 3b\footnote{local note 3b}

global 2a\footnote{\input tufte }
global 2b\footnote{global note 2b}


You need to be a bit tolerant with this mechanism. It uses the same 
trick as in mkii, and you can find more about the trick used on pages 
398 and 399 of the texbook.

The inbetween material cannot be too large. Also, the distance between 
the text and footnotes should be large enough to catch a potential 
overflow, although normally there is enough stretch in a paragraph.

(I can support ragged right if needed, but it would involve another trick.)

ps for Wolfgang: we need to discuss this at the context meeting. Maybe 
we should have some predefined variants. As you're looking into 
parameters (the cont-en.xml thing) ... we need to check those related to 
notes and descriptions, as there are some subtle differences with mkii.

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