[NTG-context] width of definetextbackground

varmaz at uni-bremen.de varmaz at uni-bremen.de
Wed Jul 28 17:51:08 CEST 2010

Hi again,

is there another approach (I didn't find an appropriate one in the  
documentations) to define a text block with a width larger than the  
actual text width? such a text block should be able to go over several  
page and be able to handle left and right pages (that is at the right  
page I want 2cm more for the right side and at left pages I want 2 cm  
more for the left side)?

I appreciate any hint where to look for.


> On 23-7-2010 8:49, varmaz at uni-bremen.de wrote:
>> Hi Hans, hi guys,
>> thanks for your answer, but, at least in my ConTeXt installation, it
>> does not affect the width of the textbackground (see example 1).
>> I also tried other approaches to set the width of a textbackground being
>> larger than the actual text width. So far I solved it using \startnarrower.
> it's related to the negative rightskip ... i can fix it but i need  
> to think a bit about side effects
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