[NTG-context] Multi-line labels in MetaPost MKIV

Richard Stephens richard.stephens at converteam.com
Wed Jul 28 16:08:01 CEST 2010

>>>> What is the recommended method for creating multi-line labels in MetaPost
>>>> in MKIV, please?
>>>> I have the following code:
>>>> \definetextext[mplabel]{\framed[frame=off,align=middle]}
>>>> \starttext
>>>> \startMPpage
>>>> input mp-tool;
>>>> draw fullcircle scaled 5cm;
>>>> label(\sometxt[mplabel]{One\\Two}, (0,0));
>>>> \stopMPpage
>>>> \stoptext
>>>> which gives a line feed between One and Two using MKII, but no line feed
>>>> in MKIV.
>>> \defineframed[mplabel][frame=off,align=middle]
>>> \starttext
>>> \startMPpage
>>> draw fullcircle scaled 5cm ;
>>> label(textext("\mplabel{One\\Two}"),origin)) ;
>>> \stopMPpage
>>> \stoptext
>>> Wolfgang
>> Thanks for the suggestion, but I still don't get a line feed! I am using
>> ConTeXt from 15-May-2010, has something changed since then?
> in pack-rul.mkiv add \unexpanded here:
> \unexpanded\def\vboxednewline
>  {\endgraf\ignorespaces}
> \unexpanded\def\hboxednewline
>  {\unskip\normalspace\ignorespaces}
> and then remake the format
> (it's a side effect of nested framed usage)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>                                          Hans Hagen | PRAGMA ADE

Thanks Hans, that works.
Will this change be added to the next release, or do I have to
re-apply it manually?

Is \sometxt not recommended now? Should I be using textext throughout?

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